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Welcome to the United Kingdom Coffee Trade Federation (CTF) Website.

The websbite was originally designed to cater for Federation Members as well as those of you who are simply browsing and wish to learn something of coffee.

However, on the 1st January 2008 we joined forces with the British Coffee Association (BCA). We shall operate under the title of the British Coffee Association acting as a single entity and being the authority on the coffee trade and industry of the UK.

The full press release can be found on the BCA website www.britishcoffeeassociation.org .

You can contact the BCA as follows:
t: +44 (0)1608 644 995
f: +44 (0)1608 644 996
e: bcainformation@btopenworld.com

The Federation provides an arbitration service for the coffee trade and industry. It will continue to operate as the London arbitral body until completion of all the current arbitrations as well as arbitrations which are initiated prior to the 1st September 2008. Parties should note that in respect of arbitrations initiated on or after the 1st September 2008, the arbitral functions of the Federation have been taken over by the British Coffee Association. The Arbitration Rules of the Federation have been changed with effect from that date to make it clear that the British Coffee Association is the arbitral body which exercises the powers and functions of the Federation in connection with arbitrations for which the Federation is nominated in contracts or arbitration agreements.

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